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Address: 37 Floor, Huijin international Ginza,No.380,Furongzhong Road,Tianxin District,Changsha City,Hunan, P.R. China

Zip Code: 410007

Contact: Mr. Su

Mobile: 0086 13875258515

Tel: 0086 731 82188795 / 85360796 / 85553680 / 85591392

Fax: 0086 731 85360699/85553718

E-mail: joylong@ / sampsonsu@126.com

Website: www.

About us

Joylong Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a multiple company in possession of industry and trade. It is located in the Changsha city, Hunan, China. Beside the beautiful Xiangjiang River, it is full of vital force.

We focus our attention and energy on chemicals. Our products are popular with clients in the world, including oxides, carbonates, colorants, enamels, pharmaceutical intermediate and so on.

Dedicated to our customers' individual needs and requirements, we are in a complete service for them with a highly professional touch.

We pursue the principle that product quality is the most important, and developing new products in high quality is the policy for long-term development. Welcome to establish a business cooperation relation with us and we will sincerely serve you for your achievement in various projects.

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